Rare Orchids - Phalaenopsis

Rare Orchids - Phalaenopsis


All orchids, even if they belong to a single botanical family (even very extensive), include various species that make the Orchidaceae family one of the most numerous in the plant kingdom: they compete for primacy only with Asteraceae (commonly called Daisies). Suffice it to say that there are 650 genera and over 25,000 species of Orchids, in addition to countless hybrids. In Italy there are 85 spontaneous species of Orchids, which are born near the sea or in the mountains.

Classifying Orchids is a very difficult operation, above all due to the presence on the market of “hybrids”, that is, species that are not spontaneous and, therefore, not pure. However, Orchids are classified according to the following parameters:

flowers and leaves characters

overall appearance of the plant

habitat of the plant

Biologically, we can divide Orchids into Epiphytes, Epiphytic Seeds, Poor, Terrestrial and Parasitic. The former have aerial roots and use trees as support. The latter live on branches or rocks. The third live rooted to the ground with volatile roots. The fourth, which grow in the ground with roots clinging to the ground. The wings, on the other hand, are those which, not possessing chlorophyll, feed on organic material present in the surrounding environment.


Among the less common orchids, we certainly find the genus Angraecum, well known in Africa and including about 200 species.

Angraecum sesquipadale, also called "Stars of Bethlehem", whose flowers are white-green and reach 17 cm. Native to Madagascar, this plant needs light and humidity.

Angraecum distichum, with small leaves (0.5 cm) that form 10-20 cm hanging braids. It needs heat and humidity.

Angraecum eburneum, up to 2 meters high and whose flowers reach 7 cm.

The genus Miltonia, on the other hand, includes:

Miltonia spectabilis, from Brazil, whose flowers reach up to 8 cm, white with dark shades.

Miltonia clowesi, also from Brazil, with leaves reaching up to half a meter and flowers of about 8 cm, whose petals have yellow streaks.

To the genus Odontoglossum, belongs the Odontoglossum crispum, in the shape of spreads, with large white flowers with dark spots

The genus Riossoglossum, one of the most recent, boasts the large Riossoglossum, also called “tiger orchid, with flowers even 15 cm, yellow with dark streaks.

The genus Laelia possesses:

Laelia anceps, very easy to grow, whose flowers are pink;

the Laelia cinnabarina, of Brazilian origin, with a maximum of 12 flowers of 5 cm, of a reddish color.

Lycaste virginalis, the national flower of Guatemala, which produces 15 cm pink flowers belongs to the American genus "Lycaste".

The genus Zygopetalum, on the other hand, possesses the Zuopetalum intermedium, with flowers of 7 cm with spikes of over 60 cm.


It is very difficult to grow a rare species "in captivity", both because today they are protected, and because they do not easily adapt to an environment other than their own. But let's go into more details:

The genus Angraecum wants brightness and medium-warm temperatures. It needs to be continuously moistened, because it does not present moments of rest.

Coming from the heights of Central America, the Miltonia genus wants cool temperatures (15 degrees at night), contenting itself with low light. The same is true for the genus Odontoglossum.

The genus Laelia, coming from areas with high temperature ranges, requires variations in temperatures of tens of degrees throughout the day, for this reason it is very difficult to cultivate it "in captivity".

The genus Zygopetalum does not require little humidity and little light. It is necessary to grow them in a greenhouse.

The Rare Orchids: Standards:

The rare orchids they are increasingly at risk, due to the ongoing environmental changes that are less and less favorable to the life of the plant world. For this reason, they are protected, even if, until now, univocal laws have not yet been created, ie valid in all places in the world. There are only territorial, regional or national regulations that try to protect these rare and increasingly endangered plants, but they are of such a large number, and often also of so different contents, as to cause a lot of confusion, obviously to the detriment of the results . However, we can say that today it is not allowed to collect and keep rare orchid species, especially if we are talking about endangered specimens. However, even without the presence of this rule, it would be quite impossible to be able to grow and vegetate a rare orchid in an environment other than its natural habitat, since this is very particular and impossible to recreate in a perfect way. in a greenhouse or even in the garden or at home. The few orchids that manage to survive in captivity even having a very particular type of natural habitat, often stop their growth, unlike the behavior of all plants grown at home, which accelerate their growth compared to that of plants that grow in natural spaces.

For the more passionate, however, it is possible to buy rare orchids, even protected ones, only if artificially produced and exclusively by authorized and compliant resellers, authorized for cultivation and who will have to issue, at the time of sale, a documentation.

Numerous events and exhibitions have been given in favor of rare and endangered orchids, which have the aim, albeit unfortunately still far away, to restore the balance of these species. Orchid lovers, collectors, biologists and environmentalists require, in such events, a greater prudence for the ground and for the air, whose pollution is a determining factor for the disappearance of these species.

There are hundreds of species and varieties of orchids, even very different from each other in size, color and shape of the flowers, and choosing the one that suits us is not (only) a question of aesthetics.
In fact, not all orchids are the same: there are those that are simple to grow and those that require some extra attention. The best known and most common is Phalenopsis, with its flowers generally of medium-large size, with petals almost equal to each other. Then there is the beautiful Vanda, characterized by showy dark purple flowers, almost "drawn" with a thin medium-small color network, easy to grow and to flourish. Equally beautiful and in need of little care is the Cymbidium orchid, particularly appreciated for its long and large spiked inflorescences where the beautiful flowers bloom.

There are no real rules applicable to all species of orchids and able to guarantee a safe re-flowering. However, you can use some precautions that can certainly increase the chances of seeing a new stem full of flowers appear among its green leaves. First of all, keep the plant clean: proceed to eliminate old withered stems (if they don't fall off on their own), old leaves or pieces of dead roots. Then try to find the right place for them, in the light but not in full sun and, above all, fertilize it with a specific product for the flowering of orchids in the first days of spring and early autumn.

The inflorescences

Lateral, short or long, erect or pendulous, often ramified, they carry flowers of variable shape, suitable in most of the species to be cut, as they are very durable.

Phalaenopsis tend to flower in winter, after a negative temperature change occurs. To obtain the production of a new stem it is therefore important to place the plant overnight at a temperature of about 16 16C for at least a week (but in some cases it can be pushed up to a month). At the same time, a fertilizer richer in phosphorus and potassium is administered.

Very rare orchids

A beautiful rare orchid recently purchased in the spring at the Landriana for ben (only) 10 It must be said that it is difficult to find rare orchids or in any case different from the usual phalaenopsis grown in .. Non loin de Toulouse, une very rare orchidée a fait son apparition the 26 avril dernier. C'est un agent du service départemental de la Haute-Garonne here in découvert trois pieds d'Orphys de Ficalhoana .. Rare orchids are increasingly at risk, due to environmental changes in favor of rare and endangered orchids numerous events and exhibitions have been given, which have ..

Rare orchids, specimens, care and reproduction

Rare orchids. One of the most popular and widespread plants in the world is undoubtedly the Orchid. The same is true for rare orchids, even if in this field there is greater confusion given .. Rare orchids: species protected by law. With regard to rare orchids, unfortunately, there is no It is possible to have rare orchids if purchased from specialized nurseries, authorized for the relative.

Haute-Garonne: a very rare orchidée discovered during the border 20 Feb 2016 - Explore francescaiurill's orchid board on Pinterest. View more ideas about Flowers, Plants and Orchid Flowers Encore jamais observée dans le département, une variété d'orchidée particulièrement rare a profité de «la moindre utilization des tondeuses à. Every year in this period, in Rome, at the Vivaio Horti di Veio, there is an exhibition of rare orchids from all over the Every year, in Rome, at Vivaio Horti di Veio there is a rare orchids exposition Orchidee da interno. Select the category you want to search in. Indoor Orchids All Categories Apparel Alexa Skills Grocery & Home Care Amazon Pantry Amazon ..

Find a large selection of Orchids at great prices on eBay. Choose free delivery to save more. Immediately at home and safely with eBay Giardini La Mortella, Forio Resim: Very rare orchids - Tripadvisor üyelerinin 9.144 gerçek Giardini La Mortella fotoğrafına ve videosuna bakın Cet article possède un paronyme, voir ORCID. Les Orchidées ou Orchidacées (Orchidaceae), latin orchis, du grec ancien ὄρχις, órkhis ("testicule"), forment une grande famille de plantes monocotylédones

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  1. Buy your rare orchids. Greenhouse specialized in the production of Vanda, Cattleya, Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis flowers. Sale - Purchase of orchids botanicals and hybrids
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  4. Rare orchids. Orchids, especially rare ones, have a very special charm. Discover with us the most curious varieties, the most delicate and the rarest ones
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  6. The orchid is a very popular indoor plant as a gift (especially the white orchid). You can buy it online: delivery is at home

Orhidee: Informatii despre floare, ce solutii sunt recomandate pentru tramente impotriva bolilor si contra insectelor daunatoare, insecticide si fungicide .. Many orchid species have a species-specific relationship with their pollinating insect, or Paradigmatic of this close interdependence is the case of the so-called Darwin's orchid.. International Grower of the Year 2018 | Voor ons is het telen van Phalaenopsis het mooiste wat er is. Dit doen wij op innovatieve en duurzame wijze Orchids are an elegant and refined gift, boasting many different colors and styles. Let's find out how many types of orchid colors and what exactly they mean when you send them as a gift

The Orchidaceae are a diverse and widespread family of flowering plants, with blooms that are often colorful and fragrant, commonly known as the orchid family. Along with the Asteraceae, they are one of the two largest families of flowering plants Orchids are beautiful and rare flowers, which have a precise meaning After having revealed the basic secrets for the care of orchids, we will explain everything you need to know about possible diseases Le tueur à l'Orchidée. France (alternative title). Sept orchidées tachées de sang. Germany. 7 orhidees voutigmenes sto aima. Italy. Seven orchids spotted in red. Mexico Our friends orchids. Anatomy of orchids. Flower. There are orchids with stems and orchids without stems. Among the ORCHIDS WITH STEM we remember Cattleya, Dendrobium .. How are the seeds, when to collect them, the seeds of orchids are similar to dust and each capsule contains many, even more than 3 million ..

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  • Les orchidées de cette rubrique sont particulièrement rares. Elles répondront à la demande de collectionneurs avertis, qui possèdent déjà une certainine maîtrise de la culture des orchidées
  • Rose orchids. 41, RUE DE TIVOLI, 08600 Givet, France - Great location - show map. After booking, all of the property's details, including telephone and address, are provided in your booking ..
  • orchidées d'Afrique / Madagascar: Aerangis ellisii et modesta, Aeranthes denteens, Angraecum ankeranense, equitans et ochraceum. Comparettia coccinea
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  • in. (Botanique) Plante monocotylédone et bulbeuse, de la famille des Orchidacées, dont le type est l'chis
  • Buy orchids online at the best prices! Consult the shop, choose your orchid and Italian Flora will deliver it directly to your home at the best price on the internet

Orchids have become very popular plants, and an ornament that can be seen in many homes. In flower shops and greenhouses, today you can find a wonderful variety of these flowers s .. Phalaenopsis orchid cultivation how to grow plants flowers photos fertilizing soil watering multiplication keiki repotting diseases pests cure Your VPN should be secure, which is why Orchid is building with open source tools for custom VPN configurations and privacy services Outdoor orchids, Cypripedium are magnificent plants that can bloom in your gardens You can appreciate the exotic beauty of orchids in your garden with Cypripedium, a..

Orchid, a truly suggestive plant that is easy to care for! If you want to impress with an impressive gift, an orchid is just the thing for you! The plants are splendid and do not need .. Many are the rarest orchids of which we cannot imagine the oddities. Particular and rare flowers. There are flowers that are difficult to find but when you see them, you don't forget them because of their shape .. The meaning and symbolism of the Orchid. Orchids can adapt to any type of habitat except for deserts and glaciers and it is for this reason that they can be considered .. Comment entretenir The phalaenopsis orchid. Chaleur et lumière: Placez Orchidée phalaenopsis dans votre intérieur (18-22 °) devant une fenêtre bien exposée, à moins d'un mètre

LZ Orchidee is de enige kweker van Cascade Cymbidiums in Europe. In onze kas van 6000 vierkante meter in het Westland groeien diverse soorten Cascade Cymbidiums. Vanaf oktober tot maart, als de ... Каталог сортов фаленопсиса с фото ..

.. Machen Sie sich einen Eindruck von unserem umfangreichen Sortiment. Entdecken Sie botanische Vielfalt. Der OrchIDEENgarten, immer eine gute OrchIDEE

De toenmalige teelt paste niet bij mij als kweker en ik maakte begin jaren negentig bij toeval kennis met de Phalaenopsis Orchids. Multiflora's gewoon de perfecte plant voor in huis Bewonder vlinders in de vlindertuin, ontdek prachtige orchideeën en speel in de overdekte speeltuin! Koop online tickets met korting voor de Orchideeën Hoeve Orchid flowers of exotic epiphytes of rare varieties. MOSCOW, RUSSIA - MARCH 12, 2018: A guest in the Aptekarsky Ogorod. In the greenhouses there are exotic and rare plants.Mixed purple orchids.

nursery specialized in orchids Orchids & More Concernant la fertilization des orchidées, j'ai trouvé extraordinaire et very rare ce conseil d'élever le taux de K à12 pour faire fleurir une pousse.Idem pour avis judicieux sur les engrais du commerce .. Orchidee . Orchids. Bedürfnisse. Giesse

Rare orchids - Orchids

Search for orchids by parentage or grex name .. Van Cleef & Arpels Collection Extraordinaire Orchidee Vanille - отзывы Check out orchidee's art on DeviantArt. Browse the user profile and get inspired. orchids. 0Comments. 5Favourites. lauren ambrose. orchids. 0Comments More than 500 varieties of orchids! Your orchids travel warm with us thanks to the winter heating packages, for only € 1 more

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Eighty-eight species of wild orchids surveyed, one of the very few places in Europe to give hospitality to so many small colorful and simple creatures, but with a complicated biology phalaenopsis orchids seedling from taiwan Chain Xen Diamond. 1.80 $ -3.60 $ / шт

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  3. Orchidee ist aber nicht gleich Orchids: Die Pflege sollte sich nach den individuellen Die Orchidee - Wahre Königin der Blumen! Orchideen gehören zu den artenreichsten Pflanzenfamilien

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  2. Aphrodite Phalaenopsis Orchids 12 cm Kruisweg 283 1437 CE Rozenburg N.H. Tel. 020-6556030 [email protected]
  3. L'orchidée est l'une des plantes d'intérieurs les plus prisées. Voici nos conseils pour entretenir, remporter et faire refleurir une orchidée phalaenopsis

A very rare orchidée découverte pour la première fois dans un

Cymbidium dayanum is an orchid that grows epiphytic on trees in open forests and along the banks of streams, at an altitude of 300-1600 meters. Habitat: China (S Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan .. Orchid Festival. From February 16 to March 3, 2019 Palais de l'Europe. Presented by the Association Orchidophiles et Epiphytophiles of France, orchids also have their own garden Vanda orchids . 1 reactie op Vanda orchidee. Door R van Gent op 28 september 2016. wat is de prijs voor vanda's afname van 5 stuks wordt afgehaald Wanneer u uw orchidee online gaat kopen in onze webshop, geven wij u graag enkele Overweegt u een orchidee online te kopen? Dat is een goede keuze. De orchideeënfamilie is een van de grootste .. So binden Sie eine Orchidee fachgerecht auf Ast. Damit sich Ihre Orchidee in luftiger Höhe gut aufgehoben fühlt, kommt es auf die Verwenden der folgendung

. Cymbidiums: care and varieties Aromatic orchids - Cymbidiums. Content ✓ The Orchids of the Gargano represent 92 of the 102 species of orchids present throughout the region and of the 280 species present throughout Italy. Other species present are very rare and at risk of disappearing .. Treating withered orchids. Phalaenopsis is the most common orchid in Italian homes. In this period the flowering, which lasted until spring, withered and the plant was in vegetative stasis.

La Mante orchidée est un insecte apparaissant dans Animal Crossing: Wild World, Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City et Animal Crossing: New Leaf. On en trouve sur les fleurs blanches et hybrides ainsi que sur les pissenlits between the fin de l'été et automne (août à November) ... Zugempfindlich. Reagiert empfindlich auf Temperaturschwankungen

- Rubric on orchids divided into three distinct sections: neophytes, scientific and monographic. Orchids I'll tell you. useful tips. mostly. who starts. a section dedicated to knowledge Unser Tipp Düngen Sie Ihre Orchids nur während der Wachstumsphase. Eine Nährstoffzufuhr im Winter ist nicht nötig. Gleiches gilt für die Zeit nach dem Umtopfen

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Les Orchidées sont des fleurs. The mot "orchidée" designe soit la fleur elle-même, soit la famille de ces fleurs, que l'on appelle aussi Orchidacées. C'est une des plus grandes familles de plantes au monde, avec plus de 19 500 espèces.Pour les arroser .. Les fleurs d'orchidées nous surpreseront toujours par la diversity de leurs formes. La fleur d'orchidée est synonyme de beauté et de raffinement, tant par ses fleurs magnifiques que par leurs propriétés .. Cheap orchid material, Buy Quality orchid silk flower arrangements directly from China accessory handset Suppliers: Butterfly orchid leaves home decor Orchid leaf accessories simulation flower .. Superaqua. Orchids Imperial. Orchids Imperial W. Blanc de Perle. Skincare Other + POSM Description: Egret Blume ist die Blume von habenaria radiata, gebürtig nach Nordkorea, Taiwan und Japan, ist eine Art Orchidee. Es gibt 12 Arten im Pflanzensatz. Weiße Reiher Blume ist sehr schön .. Orchids - Indoor Plants: Garden & Garden

  1. Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur les orchidées: les différentes variétés, leur entretien, les périodes de floraison, le rempotage et les maladies qui les affectent
  2. Online sale of common and rare orchids: wide choice at a great price. State of the art packaging: buy online and receive at home
  3. L'orchidée Phalaenopsis: ses spécificités, son histoire, et tous les conseils pratiques pour l'entretien et soins de cette plante
  5. Definition, Rechtschreibung, Synonyme und Grammatik von 'Orchidee' auf Duden online nachschlagen. Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache
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  7. Vanda orchids robert's delight blue jungpflanze april 3-3. Klima: SubtropischSonnenlicht: Halbschatten. Cattleya orchids pathum green A1-4

Verzorgen orchids. Orchideeën zijn subtropische planten waarvoor deidea kamertemperatuur Hoeveel water je de orchidee geeft is afhankelijk van het jaargetijde. In de zomer één keer per vijf tot .. Shanghai personnes ainsi que des orchidées est la seule unité à se joindre à l'heureuse des fleurs, des fleurs et la production et les ventes de bon augure Orchids. Dorosłe orchids sortowane są przez roboty, które wyposażone w kamery, rozpoznają stadium rozwinięcia pąków, ich ilość, wielkość oraz wysokość rośliny The rempotage of an orchidée est une étape important. Bien rempoter ne s'improvise pas. Après vous avoir gratifié of one beautiful floraison, votre orchidée The orchid thief. by Spike Jonze. The orchid, a flower with a strongly erotic connotation, thus becomes the emblem of that unattainable harmony that Nature derives from the incessant and irrational struggle.

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  1. Orchids. Copyright 2004-2008 Francesco Bonomi - Etymological Vocabulary of the Italian Language All rights reserved - Privacy Policy
  2. English Translation of rarissime | The official Collins French-English Dictionary online. English translation of 'rarissime'. Word Frequency. Share
  3. COLLECTIONS. MULTIFUNCIONAL. Orchids Royale. Orchids Royale

orchids. plant Jaar van herkomst: 1847 (KKU) Gevonden op http Een orchids is een plant die is te herkennen aan de bijzusione bloem. Deze bestaat uit drie kelkbladeren en drie kroonbladeren .. Самые красивые орхидеи. Orchids If your orchids aren't blooming, don't despair. Orchids are among the most popular and popular flowering plants. They have bright and exotic colors, and give class and personality to the environments in ..

Nos orchidées

Retrouvez vos orchidées préférées: the Phalaenopsis, the Dendrobium Nobile, the Cambria et bien d’autres espèces.

Une orchidée à la longévité exceptionnelle!
Aquarelle a sélectionné une magnifique orchidée phalaenopsis de la variété 'So Satisfied' à la longévité exceptionnelle. Ses 2 longues hampes ornées de fleurs et de boutons embelliront un intérieur pendant de longues semaines.
Hauteur pot compris: 50 cm

1 orchidée en pot: 30 €

Une orchidée au parfum délicat
Aquarelle a choisi de vous faire découvrir une variété original d'orchidée: the Dendrobium Nobile. Cette orchidée blanche est tout en hauteur avec de délicates fleurs parfumées disséminées le long d'une 'reeds'. Gracieuse et délicate, cette magnifique orchidée séduira à coup sûr votre entourage.
Votre Dendrobium est accompanied d'un joli cache-pot.

Hauteur pot compris: 50 cm

Orchidées blanches d'exception!
Pour élaborer cette création d'orchidées, nous avons sélectionné de majestueux Phalaenopsis blancs, symboles de luxe et de raffinement. La longévité de ces orchidées vous allows de profiter longtemps de cette composition à allure impressive, dont la pureté du blanc contraste avec le métal vernis du vase.

3 orchidées Phalaenopsis doubles (6 tiges)
Hauteur pot compris: 55 cm

Pur raffinement!
Cette ravissante orchidée blanche Phalaenopsis est dotée de deux belles hampes délicatement entrelacées qui forment un arc élégant. Presented in a joli pot en verre, there is phalaenopsis blanc fleurira your maison or bureau pendant de longues semaines. A cadeau tout à la fois distingué et design.

Hauteur de l'Ochidée pot compris: 50 cm environ

Une couleur spectaculaire!
Aquarelle vous proposed the plus luxueuse des orchidées dans un coloris violet intense. La Vanda est sans contests the plus majestueuse and the plus spectaculaire d'entre elles. La beauté et opulence de ses fleurs ainsi que ses longues racines sauront séduire les amateurs. Votre orchidée Vanda sera accompanied by son élégant support métallique pour a prestigeux et raffiné cadeau.

Orchidée Vanda suspendue
Hauteur: 80 cm


Seed propagation can only be done by professionals or experts.

Depending on the species, it is possible to operate by dividing the pseudobulbs or by taking the suckers, also called keiki.

Once the part of the plant necessary for reproduction has been taken, you will have to proceed with repotting. To carry out the repotting it will be necessary to find suitable soil, available at any nursery or garden center. The perfect soil for orchids is an organic substrate rich in plant components such as bark and wood, necessary to give the roots of these plants the essential ventilation and the necessary support for their growth.

The new plants will be positioned trying to put the collar of the plants not too low and not too high compared to the upper end of the pot.

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