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Shop plants online New

Shop plants online

In Allt om Trädgård nr 4 2012, the editors report on their large test for online shopping with plants. See also the list of shopping places from the magazine. GOOD ONLINE SHOPPING: Large assortment of, among other things, conifers, trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses. Exciting selection of unusual woodland plants, trees, shrubs, bulbs and perennials.

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 Exotic yellow peonies: the best varieties in the photo Collections

Exotic yellow peonies: the best varieties in the photo

Humanity has been breeding peonies for more than one millennium. Relatively recently, it was possible to bring out flowers in which the petals are painted in different shades of yellow. These peonies look very unusual, combining external attractiveness with unpretentious care. The best varieties of yellow peonies Peonies with petals painted in yellow are in each group of varieties.

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If there is an archetype of a greenhouse, it is surely Joseph Paxton’s masterwork. Built to house the 1851 Great Exhibition in London, the famous Crystal Palace covered 19 acres of the city, making it the largest greenhouse ever built. Though the building was primarily an exhibit space, Paxton was a gardener before he was an architect and developed his technologies to keep exotic plants alive through British winters.

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Marine biology and geology Information

Marine biology and geology

GEOLOGY AND MARINE BIOLOGY The sea, the boundless oceans, the sea depths, all this has always fascinated men, the aura of mystery surrounding these topics only increases their desire for knowledge. This column has the ambition to reveal some myths and some false beliefs, as well as increase your knowledge on marine biology and marine geology, such a fascinating subject.

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Using Cuttings And Leaf Cuttings To Propagate Your Houseplants New

Using Cuttings And Leaf Cuttings To Propagate Your Houseplants

When you have some favorite plants that are outgrowing their place or need to replace some short-lived plants, taking cuttings is a good way to grow some replacements. It’s also a great way to increase the number of plants you have in your collection. Read on to learn more.How to Propagate Houseplant CuttingsYou don’t need anything more than some clean flowerpots, a sharp knife, and some cutting compost.

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