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Laurel - Laurus nobilis New

Laurel - Laurus nobilis

Laurel was introduced to Europe from Asia Minor, from the Peloponnese, this plant has spread throughout Europe, especially in gardens where it is very useful for forming groves, reaching the coasts of the Channel and the Atlantic . In Italy it grows spontaneously in the central-southern areas and in the islands and in those with a temperate climate in the north.

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Sarracenia - Carnivorous plant Collections

Sarracenia - Carnivorous plant

SARRACENIAL The Sarracenias are carnivorous plants that capture their prey by means of ASCID OR SIMILAR mechanisms deriving from the modification of some leaves.The flap of the modified leaves loses, in whole or in part, its shape to become a cup, a wineskin, a tube, etc. which take on the function of capturing small animal prey.

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Lemongrass Companion Plants – What To Plant With Lemongrass Interesting

Lemongrass Companion Plants – What To Plant With Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a sweet pungent, citrusy plant often used in Asian cooking. It is a sun-loving plant, so companion planting with lemongrass should include other plants that like to bask in plenty of heat and light. Not only is lemongrass a culinary seasoning, but it makes a soothing tea said to aid in sleep.

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Garden furniture Interesting

Garden furniture

Landscape design / Photo albums / Arrangement and decorAuthor: ded_morozPrintRate article: 54321 (0 votes, average: 0 out of 5) Share with your friends!

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Cacti and succulents Information

Cacti and succulents

Kalanchoe juice has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, wound healing properties, quickly cleans wounds and ulcers from necrotic tissues, accelerates their healing, has low toxicity. Growing aloe in rooms is not difficult. The main condition is a bright place, moderate watering in summer and rare in winter. The temperature in winter should not be higher than +12 - + 14 ° С.

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Spring pots - inspiration with spring flowers and other plants in a pot Various

Spring pots - inspiration with spring flowers and other plants in a pot

Photo: Karina Brozinic Spring flowers in vibrant colors or lovely romantic, sometimes unexpected, combinations in a pot - we visited Sofiero's spring exhibition in the orangery. Annika Christensen and Cecilia S. Tukiainen have created a fabulous environment filled with beautiful and smart flower arrangements in a pot.1. Spring pot with earthworm and veronicaSpring pot with earthworm and veronicaPhoto: Karina BrozinicSky and sea.

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